Laugh And Roll – eBook By Chijioke Ifemeleje

Laughter is medicinal. It is one of the best things you can do to lower your blood pressure. It is also an excellent reducer of stress hormones.

Hence the long-term impact of occupational-related stress, tension and anxiety in your body would be averted just because you took some tablets of laughter.

Its ability to reduce stress hormones in your body also translates to increased immune system performance.

Laughter is also an activator of T-cells. These cells are usually dormant but are activated to fight diseases when you laugh. You see the reason I want you to laugh. Yes, laugh.

Laughter has been known to improve the performance of the circulatory system. That means laughter helps to shield you from a heart attack and cardiovascular eventualities. In the same vein, an increased pounding of the heart leads to the burning of some amount of calories so that you lose some weight in the passage of time.

Furthermore, laughing is a sure way to release endorphins in your body. Endorphins are painkillers infused in your body to handle pain as soon as it arrives. It’s good also to know that laughter helps improve your overall well-being, not just pain.

Time may not permit me to tell you that people tend to make friends with those they see laughing always than the moody fellows. Yes. It brightens your mood and makes people come close to you instead of repelling folks a million miles off. Thus, if you’re interested in making your relationships much more fantastic, then make sure you always laugh and roll with folks.

Laugh, and you will see your emotional connection to others strengthened beyond measure. Not only that, laughter helps to resolve disagreements in your relationships. Sure, it helps take anger away.

Finally, don’t kill yourself over what you were unable to achieve, your failures and frustrations. Instead, read the short stories in this comic eBook, and feel better so as to launch into your future with rejuvenated energy. The world is not over yet! Laugh and roll.

Book link: Laugh And Roll

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