Money Management – eBook By Chijioke Ifemeleje

Are you tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, almost getting broke towards the end of the month because your salary is your only means of livelihood, and you’re having problems managing it? Or you make a lot of money but your portfolio is leaner than your fat income. Maybe, you are having some hard time achieving your preset goals.

Peradventure, you have lent your hard-earned money to friends and family, but most of them declined to repay, and you’re counting your losses in thousands of dollars, crying, “Had I known!” Now, there are financial burdens on you: school fees to pay, a mortgage to pay, hospital bills to pay, investments to make, but where’s the money? I understand your pain. Don’t worry: I was once as you are.

In the other way round, if your case is that you have a variable stream of income, and you want to figure out proven skills to manage your money properly and make investments so as to plot your name in the world map, then there’s good news for you in this book.

Here’s the good news: This book will help you identify financial ‘caterpillars’ which eat up your hard-earned money every now and then, and also go the extra mile to demonstrates proven skills to deal them so as to free up some money. That’s not all. I’ve stretched this book to the limit to show you how best to set goals, and achieve them within any time frame of your choice.

Now you can envision another turning-point in your fortune.

Book link: Download Money Management

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