Oases Of The Sahara – eBook By Chijioke Ifemeleje

Oases of the Sahara is a tale of Jarman’s adventures from Nigeria to Italy through the great sand sea, the Sahara Desert likewise the Mediterranean Sea.

He considers Nigeria a breeding ground for poverty, misery, diseases, misfortune and every bad thing he could imagine. Then he takes his leave bidding farewell to the wife of his youth, Rachel. Little did he know that he would fall into the waiting hands of a lucky human-trafficker!

He travels in the company of other victims, survives death severally, and eventually gets to his El Dorado. Sadly, he gets deported, by some eagle-eyed Italian immigration officials, thousands of kilometers off the coast of Naples. Back to the land of his nativity, he feels ashamed of having sold all the tyres in his shop to raise money for a venture which his barren wife had kicked against.

He has no money to pay house rent in Lagos, so he goes to live in his village, Nanka. There, he turns into a nuisance, an object of mockery and an example of failures. He also turns into a drunkard, drinking jars upon jars of palm wine hence his nickname Jarman.

God appears in the horizon for him, blessed his wife with the fruit of the womb and also blessed him through his cocaine-pusher friend, Don. Finally, he gets back to Lagos and enjoys riches in Nigeria‒ the place he once thought, “Can anything good come out of here.”

Book link: Oases Of The Sahara


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